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    "Because of your Smile,

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Welcome to eSmile!

We at eSmile hope that the following information will provide you with some basic dental knowledge. Once the first oral examination is done, we will discuss the recommended treatment plan including the time taken for the treatment planned and the fees structure, to keep your smile healthy and looking great all time.

eSmile has been involved with beautifying smiles for over 15 years, our dedicated, capable and highly skilled team help in creating beautiful smiles ensuring clients happiness and peace of mind.

As a premium dental practice eSmile offers a wide variety of comprehensive dental services.


Regular dental visits, timely diagnosis and treatment are essential for maintaining good oral health.


  • Testimonial

    Thanks for the great service, clean environment and gentle care rendered to me. God bless!

    Alice - S Africa
  • Testimonial

    Perfect and ideal, as the entire staff including Dr. Sathish, is completely professional in evry aspect and also patient-friendly. My case required all types of treatment, such as implant and capping. Everything was taken care very nicely. In short,...

    Krishnadoss D - Dubai
  • Testimonial

    My treatment was for 2 yeaars. Dr. Satish Devarajan hospitality and treatment procedure was awesome. I am real happy with the result. Thanks doctor satish devarajan.:)

    Shrinaath S - Chennai
  • Testimonial

    Found this place online trying to look for a OPG scan Center ! Was all geared to go to Bangalore for a tooth implant as a local ' famous ' dentist screwed up my RCT ! Then I happen to meet Dr Satish at the clinic and I casually mentioned why I was...

    Samatha Reddy - Chennai
  • Testimonial

    Rate - 5 The perfect place for the perfect dental makeover. Esthetic smile is equipped with the latest dental equipment which makes the job easier and faster. It also maintains a high level of Hygiene, which is very important. I was truly impressed,...

    Ramjay Narayan - Chennai
  • Testimonial

    After meeting Dr.Satish for the first time, I did Rout Canal treatment, Filling & Crown I was convinced by the technic he said he will apply cleanliness of the clinic also was one of the points I realized, also the time he spend with me was...

    A Katrib - Qatar
  • Testimonial

    Esthetic dental clinic is the place I believe 100 percent to go for my dental problems.In this clinic i got professional dentists,friendly staff,good environment,modern equipments and felt well comfortable. It is definitely right place to reach for...

    Gurumurthy - Chennai
  • Testimonial

    After 10 years I finally decided to get my wisdom teeth looked at. Being a British expat living in Chennai I did my homework first and everyone said that Estheticsmile and Dr. Satish was the place to go. The staff are all very friendly and make you...

    Peter - UK
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  • blogContent
    Dentures- 29 Jan 2017, Comments (0)

    Gift Yourself, your Parents or your Grandparents a smile with confidence, esthetics and functionality now with our Complete dentures. Multiple materials of choice available / compression moulding complete denture and injection moulding...

  • blogContent
    Esthetics- 02 Mar 2016, Comments (0)

    A Zirconia crownテつis a popular type of all-ceramicテつcrownテつ. They are long lasting and have highly translucent appearance which matches that of the natural tooth. WHY ZIRCONIA? Zirconia crowns wontテつ give the black gum line that appears...

  • blogContent
    Preventive Dentistry- 02 Mar 2016, Comments (0)

    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ツ"Save It Before You Lose It" Dental caries is the breakdown of tooth due to harmful effects of bacteria. These bacteria convert food , especially sugar and starch into acid thereby causing demineralization of the...

  • blogContent
    Dental Caries- 16 Sep 2015, Comments (0)

    Dental caries (caries is Latin for "rottenness") also known as tooth decay, cavities, or caries, is a breakdown of teeth due to activities of bacteria.The cavities may be a number of different colors from yellow to black. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS:- A...

  • blogContent
    Preventive Dentistry- 13 Aug 2015, Comments (0)

    Brushing with toothpaste is important for several reasons. First and foremost, a toothpaste and a correct brushing action work to remove plaque, a sticky, harmful film of bacteria that grows on your teeth that causes cavities, gum disease and...

  • blogContent
    Preventive Dentistry- 22 Jul 2015, Comments (0)

    PLAQUE AND CALCULUS Plaque is the sticky, colorless film that constantly forms on the teeth. Bacteria live in plaque and secrete acids that cause tooth decay and also irritate gum tissue. This irritation causes an inflammatory reaction in our body...

  • blogContent
    Preventive Dentistry- 22 Jul 2015, Comments (0)

    Dental floss is a cord of thin filaments used to remove food and dental plaque from between teeth, テつareas a toothbrush is unable to reach. Uses: Flossing should be carried out once a day prior to brushing to allow the fluoride from the...

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